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Top 10 things to remember when starting university

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starting university
No worries, you will settle in and find friends soon!

1. Who will I live with?
Living in student accommodation for the first year at uni is the best way to meet new people. So don’t worry too much who you are going to live with in your first year, soon enough you will make great friends who might become your future housemates.
2. What should I take to university?

While it is important to take the necessary, like sufficient fresh clothes, a laundry basket and some household stuff, don’t forget to take some private things, to make your new room look more homely. Once you have arrived, take your first trip to the local supermarket and stock up on handy long-lasting groceries, such as pasta and tins. Don’t forget the laundry detergent and some cleaning stuff for your room!
3. Should I learn to cook?

You don’t need to take cooking classes or know the latest French cuisine, just ask your Mum or Dad to show you the basics. How to cook pasta, make sauce Bolognese from scratch and do pasta bakes. Everything that’s easy to cook such as frozen foods combined with some fresh ones will come in handy, so you don’t have to live on pizza for the next three years!

4. Do I have to do my own laundry?
It’s not rocket science – learn how to use a washing machine before you go off to uni. Especially if you are still used to your clothes disappearing from your room and magically coming back washed, ironed and folded in a laundry basket. Your parents won’t be there when you run out of clean clothes!
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5. What if I spend my student loan all at once

It’s an exciting feeling, seeing your first student loan come into your account. Of course, the first thing you will want to do is go shopping. But be careful, it makes sense to make a budget first to see what you have got left after paying rent, buying stationary and making your grocery shop.
6. Do I have to buy all the books on my reading lists
The reading lists you are given at the beginning of a course contains extensive background reading for you to make to the most of your class. Get the books early to avoid long waiting lists at the library. If there are books you can’t get at your university library check out other sources such as online ebook providers for students. Platforms such as, and Khan Academy offer free ebooks for students!
7. What advantages has freshers’ week?
Your first week at university will be the most exciting one. Everything is new and overwhelming. Don’t forget to check out fresher’s week offers such as student’s discounts as well as fresher’s parties and other gathering where you can meet your new fellow students. It’s a good way to make friends and bond with your roommates. Avoid having to go to events on your own by asking study colleagues and people at your student accommodation to come along to share the fun!
8. How can I make friends quickly?
When you are new at university it’s best to spend as much time as possible in communal areas in order to get to know your house mates and make new friends. Good places to hang out are the kitchen or communal lounge at your student accommodation or house share. Another idea is to leave the door to your room open, when you spent time in your room. Put some music on and make sure you have a few cups handy to offer a cup of tea for anyone who drops by. This will make you look more sociable and make it easier for you to connect with the people you live.
9. Will I get student discounts?
Once you get your student ID, take it wherever you go but especially if you go shopping. Many stationary shops, bookshops but also fashion brands will offer discounts for students. Look out for them to cut costs when you buy books and pens for your first year at uni!
10. I want to have fun!
Of course it is important to study hard to achieve good grades on your course that will pave your way into a great career. Long hours in the library or on your desk will be necessary before assignments and exams. However, don’t forget to meet up with your fellow students afterwards and celebrate. Your time as a student is precious and many of us find their friends for life during their time at university.
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