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Why and how Emotional Intelligence can improve your life

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This article is based on the free eBook
This article is based on the free eBook “Emotional Intelligence Secrets”

Have you ever known someone with a great work ethic, who cares about quality, and is committed to getting better each year yet seems to be under appreciated and rarely rewarded while this person’s co-worker, who is no more hard-working, qualified or caring gets recognition, appreciation and promotions?

If you’ve ever wondered why there could be such a difference in how people are treated, you are in good company. Over many years, sociologist, psychologists, and biologists wondered, what is the key difference that makes a few people so successful, while some people must work much harder for rewards?

Finally, researchers solved the mystery and discovered that your level of Emotional Intelligence, measured by your emotional quotient, or EQ, is the #1 predictor of your personal and professional success.

You can navigate through life with much greater ease the higher your EQ is.


It helps you tremendously in the following areas:

  • Be less impulsive
  • Control your temper better
  • Cope more effectively with stress
  • Speak up for yourself with confidence
  • Let someone know when you’re feeling uncomfortable
  • Set clear boundaries with bullies
  • Be more positive about yourself
  • Make better decisions
  • Get yourself motivated and maintain momentum
  • Interact better with others
  • Positively influence people
  • Be emotionally resilient

High EQ will enhance your professional and your personal life. No matter what challenges you have faced in the past, no matter what mistakes you may have made up to this point, nor how long you have waited to cultivate a higher level of EQ, you can start right now, from wherever you are in life, and begin building high EQ.


Do you show signs of high EQ?

Take this quiz to see how you rate when it comes to EQ. Are you in the elite group? Could you use some brushing up? Are you below the average and need to ramp up quickly?

As you read through this quiz, rate your answer to each question on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how much that description applies to you.  If it is not even remotely like you, rate yourself a 1 on that question.  If it is absolutely a spot on description of you, give yourself a 10.

As you answer these questions, write your numbers down on a scratch sheet of paper.

  • 1. I readily recognize my own emotions and express them comfortably and appropriately, always in the right setting with the right people.
  • 2. I quickly alter my focus so that I can bring about more empowering emotions in myself so that I can control my impulses easily and make wise decisions.
  • 3. I can “read” the emotional states of those around me which enables me to connect authentically with them.
  • 4. I adapt my behavior quickly and easily given the emotional mood of any room I enter.
  • 5. I easily and respectfully articulate my understanding of another person’s perspective so they feel understood.
  • 6. I comfortably apply flexible communication styles so that I can easily converse with another person regardless of their communication style, and even when it’s quite different from my own.
  • 7. My life is completely absent of addictive behaviors, no smoking, overdrinking, overeating nor recreational drug use.
  • 8. I address conflict quickly, respectfully and with confidence.
  • 9. I am completely self-motivated, and start projects quickly and finish them quickly and well, without procrastination, and without needing a deadline from outside sources.
  • 10. I ethically leverage social awareness to positively inspire others to consistently be who they are, at their best.

Now, add up your numbers and find your score on the “Rate Yourself” chart below:


Rate Yourself

Rate yourself


Can you learn EQ?

If you are willing to learn it, the answer is yes, you absolutely can! And just like with any subject, you’ll remember that it’s one thing to learn the topic, and other to apply it consistently.

You can start by reading the free eBook “Emotional Intelligence Secrets” written by Crystal Jonas.