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4 easy ways to boost working conditions

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Getting motivation right
This article is based on the free eBook "Getting motivation right"

Are you satisfied with your job? Do you get paid fairly, are you working in a nice office with an appropriate job title? If not then your employer should think about the following: there are certain factors that concern general working conditions that can act as de-motivators if they do not satisfy the needs or requirements of staff. Getting these right will not, in themselves, motivate staff, but getting them wrong will tend to de-motivate them. The factors to consider here include, among others, the following.

Physical environment

Do whatever you can to create a pleasant physical environment. Consider everything from the amount of space available, to lighting and heating, to furniture and whether or not staff have an area that they can personalize. Contact with others can be both a welcome part of work, but also an intrusion and distraction if not considered carefully. Allowing people an input into their working environment can make a considerable difference.

Working hours

You should also consider that sometimes working hours must be fixed by you because of the nature of the work. However, where set hours are not vital, allowing some flexibility to fit in with the other needs of workers can reap dividends in terms of cooperation.


Another important factor is that people feel that they are being paid fairly for the work that they do. Pay will be an important de-motivator if it is thought that they are being underpaid either in comparison to other staff in the same business, or with reference to regional / national averages. Where pay is generally fair, complaints about levels of pay may mask other underlying dissatisfactions.

Job title

Likewise, providing someone with a job title and status that is commensurate with the work and responsibilities that they are undertaking is important if they are not to feel denigrated and de-motivated. It is also advantageous to make sure that communication within the business works well, and that the level of job security is high.

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