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Ingredients for an unforgettable blog post

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Business Blogs
This article is based on the free ebook "Business Blogs"

Nowadays almost everybody – regardless of whether for a business or private purpose – is running or using a blog. This is because blog posts give you the opportunity to promote yourself, get linked, share experiences, build relationships and much more. But what exactly makes a blog post a fantastic blog post? Let us take a look at some general ingredients for a great blog post.



These days blogs can be written in any language but still the most popularly used language on the Internet worldwide remains English. Therefore, the emphasis here is not in terms of which language is used for writing the blog but rather in terms of the grammar, spelling and punctuation. Although an informal tone is used for writing blogs, one still needs to ensure the usage of correct grammar, spellings and punctuation so that the posts appear to have been written by a professional who knows what is being talked about.



Since the body text is the soul of the blog post, the way it is presented is very important to attract readers and keep their attention. In order to make a good presentation the post should be readable and therefore using the right font style and size along with sufficient line spacing is essential. Also make sure that the sentences are not too long and the body of text is broken down into paragraphs to allow for easy reading and comprehension.


Sub Headings

If the post is sufficiently long, it is best to use sub-headings to make it look more organized and orderly. Sub-headings highlight the key points in the post, help to make the content more understandable and also make it easier for people to scan through the post to get a quick idea of what the post is all about.



There is no doubt that Content is King. That’s what gets the traffic and readers to the blog. So all efforts should be made to make the post as interesting and engaging as possible. Next, it’s best to keep off any controversy, especially the political and moral kind. You wouldn’t want to lose readership or customers because of reasons that have nothing to do with your product or service.


Be Original

It is evident that everyone needs to read up and research a topic before posting content in the blog. But make sure that the posts are written in your own words, as plagiarism is strictly off-limits. Similarly, photographs or illustrations are also copyrighted and therefore cannot be used freely unless it exists in the public domain.



As with any composition, a blog post also needs an introduction, a body and a closing. The introduction is the face of the article and should immediately tell the reader what the post is about and catch their attention. The body of the post is where all the information is conveyed in detail, which may include lists, data, statistics, images, charts and anything else. After the body is complete, conclude with a short and crisp closing that summarizes the key points in the post.

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