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Guest post: uShip offers cheap moves abroad for students

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Working abroad
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Over the last 50 years, the trend to work or study abroad has grown rapidly. This is among others caused by the fact that students are more likely to be accepted by a foreign university and being supported by their own state.

Whether a student chooses to go abroad for one month, six months, one year or longer, the experience will always be unique to that person and will give him or her a clear advantage in life. Not only will they learn a foreign language, they will discover a new culture, make new friends, develop an independent personality, self-esteem and a new openness to the world.

Moving abroad: How to get your bulky properties abroad?

As we all know, going abroad requires preparation. For example, how will I transport my most valuable things? Where will I live? How will I get there? If you plan on staying abroad for several years, it also makes sense to move your furniture or similar bulky subjects.

To get your furniture safely to your desired destination, there are various transportation companies which you can check out. For example, there are international online platforms for transportation, which argue to make your life easier by shipping your things. Keep in mind all of the actions taken by your chosen organisation should be visible to you. Of course, if you are not traveling too far away, you can also choose to carry your things yourself.

How can you ship your things abroad without spending a fortune?

There is a company called uShip that claims to “ship anything, anytime & anywhere”. This international online platform helps you take all the steps toward shipping your valuables. This even works if you’d like to ship a car across the globe!

Not sure yet? Read on! Thanks to the many transporters registered on uShip, a big weight is literally taken off your shoulders. If they see an interesting shipment which fits a route they were already planning to take, they bid on it. You can also upload details about your belongings and your route (e.g. Germany to the UK or Paris to New York). You can be sure: the registered transporters will place bids.

You decide on the price of your belongings, the shipping date, insurance details etc.

So as to have control on the situation, you decide on the price of your belongings, the shipping date, insurance details and even your preferred shipping company. You are also encouraged to check out how other students have rated the various shipping companies.

Most uShip transporters don’t like to waste capacity space and place cheap bids to fill up their trucks. So you save money AND protect the environment!

Are you a student? Here’s what you should pay attention to…

Be sure to pay attention to all bids made before accepting one. Even though some shipping companies may be attractive due to their low shipping prices, do not forget to check other students’ feedbacks on various transporters. Also, take care to choose shipping dates which match perfectly with your timetable. By the way, transporters are not ghosts, you will have their contact details and be able to make special arrangements with them.

Want to enter your new life abroad in style? Then check out uShip Spedition…the process is really easy and will save you a lot of time and energy! In the top right corner of the uShip website you can choose another language.