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Enhance your self-esteem at work

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Personal Confidence and Motivation
This article is based on the free eBook "Personal Confidence and Motivation"

The modern workplace provides a challenge of maintaining self-esteem. That can, for example, be caused by the fact that the fast pace of work means we don’t always receive acknowledgement for our performance, or by the demands on us for productivity which makes us all feel like we can’t do enough.

In the face of such challenges to our self-esteem in the workplace, what can we do to help protect ourselves? Following are strategies to help build your self-esteem at work.

Pursue your passions

One strategy is to pursue your passions every day – even if it’s only for fifteen minutes or over your lunch break. Take a few moments to read a favorite book, research your next travel holiday, or touch base with a friend you haven’t talked to in quite a while.

Learn something new about your job

In your work, find something new that you can learn about it. Even if you can dedicate only a few moments a day to learning something new about your job, it can help you to find the passion that you once had for it.

Create your personal report card

A great way to help build your self-esteem at work is to keep track of what you actually achieve. Think of it as a personal ‘report card.’ Take a piece of paper and write it down whenever you give 100% effort to a work task. Try to write down at least three each day. At the end of the week, you’ll have 15 different reasons to be proud of yourself for that week.

Focus on the positive

Finally, stop the unproductive negative self-talk and instead, focus on what you can do to move past the situation. Focus on how you can solve problems, make a better choice next time, or take any other kind of action that will help you focus on the positive rather than the negative. You can even create a STOP sign and post it on your wall so that every time you have a negative thought you can look up at it and say to yourself, “stop!”

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