Closing the Sale
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What is closing anyway? Closing is that part of the sales process where we ask the buyer for a decision: Are they going to buy or aren’t they?

Closing is the final step in the complex sales process that requires a high level of skill on the salesperson’s part. However, what most salespeople fail to realize is that closing is more than just using closing techniques. Let us have a look at some of the most important principles when looking at closing the sale.

Closing the Sale is an integral part of the sales process

This means that closing techniques in themselves are not enough to ensure success, if the other parts of the sales process have been neglected. Before a buyer will place an order with you, he or she will have to see a need for your product and be convinced that your particular product represents the best solution to the problem represented by that need. That is, for example, the cost is reasonable or they have confidence in your ability to deliver your promises.

No salesperson ever closed every sale

Everyone who has ever sold professionally has had to get used to living with rejection. A good salesperson will always be rejected more times than he or she is successful. In fact if this is not the case the salesperson probably isn’t trying hard enough. Every time you fail, you move closer to the time you will succeed.

The right time to close is when the customer is ready to buy

This is so important. Closing tends to happen towards the end of the sales call but don’t assume this will always be the case. If the customer wants to buy early into your sales presentation then you should get commitment straight away.

Look for more than one opportunity to close the sale

There may be several occasions during the sale when the customer is ready to buy. There will therefore be more than one opportunity for you to close the sale. Just because the customer says `no’ now, it doesn’t mean it won’t be `yes’ in ten minutes’ time. `No’ can mean various things:

  • Not on the terms you describe
  • Not at the moment
  • Not at that price
  • I’m getting interested but I need more information

Buyers seldom ask you for the order

Most buyers rely on the salesperson to make the buying process easy for them. However, they rarely ask for the order outright so the most effective and most obvious closing technique, having gone through the several stages of the call, is to ask the buyer if he or she wishes to place an order.

It is a fact, however, that around 70% of sales calls end with the salesperson failing to ask for the order. This is due to the salesperson’s fear of rejection. Therefore, many experienced salespeople are of the opinion that closing is not about techniques, but about confidence and timing.

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