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Dear Bookboon user,

thanks for your interest in our travel guides. Unfortunately, we recently directed our entire focus to textbooks and business books. This is why you won’t find travel guides on our page any longer. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

If you are interested in broadening your business knowledge or need textbooks for your exam preparation, feel free to browse our range of over 1000 free eBooks. Below you can find 4 of our most popular eBooks. We hope you find these eBooks helpful.

Enjoy the read!

[bookboon-book id=”82cefb58-5bec-4c2f-b0af-9fcc00acb8da” title=”Learn how to speak in front of an audience” button=”Download here”]

[bookboon-book id=”0e3bbb5c-ca5b-45c8-b757-9ff000a3bc5b” title=”Engineering Mathematics” button=”Download here”]

[bookboon-book id=”9790ac2b-f06b-4a05-a20e-a34800d72aee” title=”Excel 2013 – Introduction” button=”Download here”]

[bookboon-book id=”81cb3573-1d87-49ca-955f-a04c009d0bb1″ title=”Effective management decisions” button=”Download here”]

[bookboon-book id=”82cefb58-5bec-4c2f-b0af-9fcc00acb8da” title=”Excel 2007 – Basics” button=”Download here”]

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