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Pay Per Click advertising

How Google changed advertising and how to master AdWords

Pay Per Click advertising
3.2 (17 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-7681-915-6
1 edition
Pages : 65
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About the book

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  3. Preface
  4. Content


Jodie E. Golden ★★★★★

A very good material to engage into and be hired for another job. This is very common but some people aren't fully knowledgeable about this. This has gotten it fully covered.


This book is both an introduction to Pay Per Click advertising, as well as a guide on how to set-up Google AdWords and Facebook Ads accounts and make the most of them. From creating and structuring your account, to picking keywords and writing adverts, this book covers everything you need to know about the set-up process, on-going management and the many advanced options available to advertisers. Written by an internet marketer with over 10 years experience, with assistance from a full-time PPC specialist, this book offers an easy-to-understand look at this complex subject.


This book looks at Pay Per Click and how it has quickly become the world’s most used form of advertising.

When setting out to write this book, I didn’t want to cram it full of theory, leaving you at the end saying “that’s all well and good, but now what?” and I also wanted to avoid writing a step-by-step user manual, as there are plenty of good ones already out there. Instead, I decided to call on my experience as both an in-house online marketing manager and as a Pay Per Click advertising consultant to try and offer an all-round perspective on Pay Per Click – one that gives an insight into why Pay Per Click works the way it does, as well as practical advice for beginners on how to set-up and manage advertising campaigns that perform well.

The book will mainly look at the Google AdWords Pay Per Click system as this is not only the largest and one of the longest established platforms, but it is also the most feature rich. Once we have explored the ins and outs of AdWords, it would be silly not to look at Facebook Ads, the main player amongst a new breed of Pay Per Click systems that are giving advertisers access to the main social media platforms and completely different ways of targeting prospective customers.

As there are dozens of other Pay Per Click platforms, each of which undergoes regular changes, this can become quite a large and complex subject if you want it to be. If you can master everything you read here regarding AdWords and Facebook Ads then you will easily be able to use these skills successfully on other systems, like Microsoft adCenter and LinkedIn Ads.

I hope that by the end of reading this short book, you will see why, as an advertiser, Pay Per Click is something that should be embraced and used to generate substantial interest for an organisation, whether that is through enhanced brand exposure, new business enquiries or additional sales.

The business I run is an online marketing agency that offers Pay Per Click management as one of its core services. We have worked with hundreds of businesses around the world and we are yet to find one that can better the returns of Pay Per Click with offline advertising, such as newspapers, radio and direct mail.

The downside to Pay Per Click is that if you do not know what you are doing, then it can be an incredibly fast way to burn through your marketing budget. As it is so accessible, many people are jumping straight into it without taking the time to do the necessary research and learn the basics.

If you are planning on setting up a Pay Per Click account in the future then follow the tips throughout the book for my advice on the simple things you should do to really make Pay Per Click work.

Gareth Morgan


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Pay Per Click advertising?
    1. How Pay Per Click works
    2. What are Pay Per Click ads used for?
    3. Pay Per Click terminology
  3. A Brief History of Pay Per Click
  4. Why Pay Per Click is so popular
  5. Getting started with Google AdWords
    1. Campaigns
    2. Ad groups and adverts
    3. Keywords
    4. Bidding
  6. Managing and improving Google AdWords
    1. Split testing adverts
    2. Geo-targeting
    3. Ad extensions
    4. Dynamic Keyword Insertion
    5. Managing negative keywords
    6. The Display Network
    7. Automated rules
    8. Analysing and reporting
    9. Website landing pages
  7. Getting started with Facebook Ads
    1. Targeting
    2. Pricing
    3. Some basic optimisation tips
    4. How others are using Facebook Ads
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