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Excel 2016: Using Worksheets and Workbooks

excel-2016-core-part-11-ebook-bookboon-blog Learn how to work with worksheets by reading this article. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!


How to keep record and find your data fast and easy

Excel can be compared to a real book and we call that book a “workbook”. A workbook can contain one or several pages, which in Excel, we call “worksheets”. Now, imagine a workbook containing lots of information all mixed-up in only one worksheet; for instance, a company’s financial statement for five long years. Would you be able to locate specific information, like a month’s report, easily? Obviously, the answer is NO. That’s when the idea of having multiple worksheets becomes handy. Excel indeed is a great tool, especially for record-keeping, and of course, finding.

What to Do to Help Stop Bullying at Work

When you are being bullied at work: What should you do? When you are being bullied at work: What should you do?


Possible actions when bullied at work

“Not everyone has been a bully or the victim of bullies, but everyone has seen bullying, and seeing it, has responded to it by joining in or objecting, by laughing or keeping silent, by feeling disgusted or feeling interested.”

Being bullied is sometimes the most horrifying thing a person can experience. What makes it depressing is not the act itself but the regularity of the act. When you are being bullied frequently, you feel down and hopeless. As a result, you tend to lose confidence and morale. These feelings also affect your productivity and efficiency at work. You tend to lose balance and concentration, making you more vulnerable to bullying. The bullies will never stop until you lose control and give up.

Stress Symptoms: The Mechanics and Causes

Stressed at work or stressor at work? Stressed at work or stressor at work?

Understanding the mechanics of work related stress

Working in the 21st century environment is a lot easier if we are going to consider the technological advancement we have. However, the present time also triggers many work-related stress that if not handled well may cause illnesses and disorders.

Stress is “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demands placed on them. It arises when they perceive that they are unable to cope with those demands”.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the ticket for being happy and compassionate. Mindfulness is the ticket for being happy and compassionate.


Introduce mindfulness into your daily life

In 2015 £23.5M was spent in the UK on self-help books. In 2014 the self-help publishing market grew by 15%, while the general interest and fiction categories grew by only 1%.

It was Aristotle who first promulgated the concept of self-healing, but the term self-help dates back to just 1859, when the Scottish reformer Samuel Smiles published his then best seller, simply called – yes, you’ve guessed it – ‘Self-Help’: and his thesis was a simple one; changing individual behaviour would be a better remedy for society’s ills than changing the law.

Mindfulness though is more than a simple self-help remedy, or fad. In fact, it has an extremely long pedigree having been around for over 2,500 years and although it is not a religion its influence can be seen in Judaism & the Kabala, Sufism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism.

11 Strategies for Eliminating Time Stealers at Work

Fight time wasters at work! Fight time wasters at work!

Time stealers and time wasters at work are the not important and usually not enjoyable tasks that draw your attention away from what you are supposed to be doing.

Identifying them will help you work on a plan to lessen their impact on your productivity and efficiency. Although they can be different in every type of work and personality, the common things are listed below.

In the following article we compiled 11 strategies for you on how to eliminate time stealers at work…


Control Your Own Life in the Most Positive Way

Are you an internal or external personality? Are you an internal or external personality?


Are you an internal or external personality?

People handle things differently. Aside from being born as a unique individual due to our DNA, we are also exposed to diverse environments and experiences which made us the way we are right now. Therefore, it is very usual to see a working place with variety of thoughts and reactions over a common scenario. It’s natural. We can never see someone who thinks and reacts exactly the same way as we do.

Knowing your locus of control will help you handle your own life in the most positive way possible. If you’re more of an external or internal, you can always improve so you’ll be in between, making the best decision for your own life. So here is how you can find out: are you internal or external?


A Simple Tip to Become Successful: “PPPPP”

PPPPP stands for “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. PPPPP stands for “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.

Everybody in this world aims to be successful. Though success is viewed differently, either by people or companies, the process on how to achieve it seems to be same for all. Success is not instant – it has to be worked on and it requires planning all the time. If you want to be successful, either in life or in business, you must aim to do well every day.


Interrupted at Work? 12 Ways to Control Phone Calls

12 simple tips to control the effect of phone calls on your working day 12 simple tips to control the effect of phone calls on your working day

Answering and making phone calls can be very distractive. One can never know how long each call can be. Calls can lessen one’s productivity and efficiency most especially when not handled well.

Based on studies published in the “Wall Street Journal” in 1997, an average employee receives 31 phone calls a day. That’s quite a huge number considering the status of technology of that time. Taking into consideration the availability of communication tools nowadays, that number may be doubled at present. With the advances technology offers, plus all the applications available on and offline, reaching someone is a lot easier.

To control the effect of phone calls on your working day, keep in mind these 12 simple reminders.


Ways on Dealing with Urgent and Important Tasks

hurry-every-second-counts-bookboon-ebook Time management and tasks prioritizing.

Have you ever been torn between doing things that are urgent and things that are important? Most people have problems in prioritizing especially when they are dealing with high work load. In order to overcome this, few tips must be followed to clearly set the distinction between “important” and “urgent” matters. In all cases of assessing management priorities, time must be allocated to tasks in order of their importance and not on their urgency.

Here is how everybody can be less stressed at the end of the day.

Maximize Your Strengths and Become Your Own Superhero

How to be successful Become your own superhero – How to be successful despite yourself.

Strengths and superheroes: Growing up, we are introduced to several superheroes which we often idolize, even as we grow older. We tend to imitate them too and imagine all kinds of scenarios. As adults, however, we somehow choose to ignore this imagination, and that’s our biggest mistake. Why not turning your imagination into reality? Why not be your own superhero and learn how to be successful with the way you are?

Every person has their own talents and skills. To help you find out the things that you are good at and that would make you successful, here are 5 easy steps to maximize your strengths.