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Leading Change: Developing Resilience Starts at the Top

Senior leaders know the theories about resilience at work – especially in times of great change. Why don’t they put their knowledge into practice? When leaders are under enormous pressure themselves, they stop doing the things that, in fact, they know would help.  (more…)

A different approach: If I cannot see your vision, I cannot follow it!


Most of us have probably attended countless presentations on visions, strategies and action plans, with boredom descending over the crowd as soon as the 1st PowerPoint slide hit the screen. Opportunity is rarely given for participation and co-creation, and instead, silent “acceptance” and passive resignation takes over. (more…)

Strategic Procurement Management


Most organisations of any size spend more than 50% of their sales income on buying in goods, services or works. Some organisations spend considerably more.

Managing this spend well – ensuring that the best value is obtained for every penny spent and treating suppliers as some of your organisation’s best assets –  is critical to business success. And effective strategic procurement management within your organisation will ensure that this takes place. (more…)

What leads to success? Measuring strategies!

Performance measurement. Performance measurement.

Times are changing; people are living longer and companies are fading out quicker. The way we measured corporate and performance prior to 2008 can be quite different from what will be required in 2016 and beyond. And this applies to our personal goals as well. 

How Does a Productivity Culture Affect Organizational Learning?

Affect organizational learning. Affect organizational learning.

Productivity cultures are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces, with the precarious economy fuelling workplaces whose culture orientates around output. This rise in popularity is for good reason too. Statistics show that ‘companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%’.

The explosion of ‘productivity’ as a work culture is linked to the emergence of ‘lean start-ups’. Companies whose business ethos is efficiency and strategy-orientated. Its rise is established businesses occurred after the global 2008 financial crisis which meant that businesses had to operate on smaller personnel resources resulting in an increased need for maximum efficiency per employee.

The internet also fuelled productivity culture with workplace time management tools enabling employees to gain greater insight into how they work and how they can make themselves more efficient. There are great benefits to a productivity culture if it is deployed correctly, however, if it’s done wrong it can create a negative workplace environment and negatively impact the business’s brand in the eyes of potential employees and consumers.


Gap Analysis: Dealing With Your Current and Desired State

Daily Planning will get you there! Daily Planning will get you there!

As part of the strategies for ultimate success discussed in our previous article, daily planning is really an important element. There are actually seven simple reasons why you need to choose to plan on a daily basis.

Here is a list of reasons…

5 steps to empower yourself – be your own mentor!

Empowerment starts now! Empowerment starts now!

In the midst of criticism and our neighbours or siblings who may like to tease us, how do we manage to empower ourselves?

I grew up with six (6!) brothers and two sisters and never received compliments. Therefore I cannot tell from experience how helpful family can be to achieve your goals.

Just like one of my sisters, I have this passion to write and to help others. We like to support each other and we manage to achieve our goals. Despite our brothers we have written 3 books!



Become the leader you are

Download “Become the leader you are” here!

I recently had the opportunity to make a micro-presentation on my coaching approach to a group of internationally-based leaders. One of the points I emphasised was my belief that we all deliver our best by being who we are – and for most of us that means learning how to become who we are.

My belief comes from long experience of working with leaders who struggle to meet the models that other people expect them to conform to, and who feel liberated when they experience the ease – and for many, a personal peace – that comes with accepting and embracing that they are who they are. They invariably experience a parallel energy, even exhilaration, and a focus that mean that they leverage their strengths with courage and assertiveness, communicate powerfully on what matters to them, and – fascinatingly – empower their teams to deliver authentically on the vision they’ve communicated.


Did you know that Disney invented Experiential Retailing?

Read Green Supply Chain Management here!

What is experiential Retailing?

Retailers are increasingly relying on the shopping experience of customers. The more memorable the experience, the higher the probability that shoppers will come back to the retail store again. This is called as experiential retailing. As part of this effort, retailers are looking at enhancing the in-store experience of customers.


Everyone needs mentoring – yes, even you!

Read Ella's eBook: Solution Focused Mentoring Read Ella’s eBook: Solution Focused Mentoring

The best feeling in the world is too see mentees shine thanks to their mentors.


Everyone needs a mentor at one point in his or her life. Whether you are a business partner (junior or senior), a musician (up and coming or “oldie”), fighting an illness (from “mild” to very serious) or in school (student, teacher, principal), you could benefit from a mentor, or maybe you already have! (more…)