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Author Archives: Peter Mayes

Peter Mayes has been involved with managers and leaders over the last 30 years where change was imperative to survive and thrive. He works extensively with organisations at a senior, individual and team level to create environments, cultures and working practices that enable successful leadership and employee engagement to thrive alongside other change strategies.

Employee Engagement: Organisational Brain Washing or Enlightenment?

Over the years there have been many slogans, trends and life boats for organisations and some of them have even worked, but given the overall failure rate of most quality improvement, continuous improvement and company initiatives, a lot has been said and not much done.  (more…)

How a Flexible Approach Ensures Your Employee Engagement Programme is Truly Engaging

How can a flexible approach ensure your employee engagement programme is truly engaging? Employers want well motivated, creative, learning and flexible employees; employees want a workplace that uses their skills, recognises them as human beings, enables them to succeed at work and have a great life.  (more…)