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Author Archives: Karen Liebenguth

Karen Liebenguth is an accredited mindfulness teacher, qualified coach and MBTI facilitator. She offers 1:1 mindfulness training, tailored mindfulness workshops and courses as well as guidance to embed a long-term mindfulness practice and culture in the workplace. Karen specialises in 1:1 coaching while walking outdoors in green space where she believes insight, change and creativity can happen most naturally. Find out more:

Change – We Want It And Resist It

Everything is changing all of the time – for better and for worst. Change happens continuously and consistently in each and everyone’s life, at work and at home and yet, most of us resist change. Why?  (more…)

Self-Compassion: Why an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace is Important

Where middle managers represent a keystone in a company, sitting between the top and bottom of an organisation, they frequently get caught between conflicting demands and priorities, making it a challenging position to be in. They not only require expertise in their field but an ability to work well with a wide range of colleagues.  (more…)