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Resume sample- Tips for the perfect resume No.1

You have probably received a lot of tips on how to write the perfect resume and have seen many resume samples.This is not the intention of this blog post. With this article we want to give you the opportunity to study a resume example without any further explanation.

Just one last thing: Bookboon readers are critical readers, So please keep in mind that this is just a suggestion and that resumes are not written in tablets of stone. If you need more information on resume writing check out our post on how to write a resume.

If you want to learn more about the art of creating your CV, take a look at “Creating your CV as a self marketing tool” written by Paul H Brisk.

Resume sample — Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Creating your CV as a self marketing tool:
    In this presentation you find some suggestions to inspire you in how to write the perfect CV! The resume examples in this presentation are from the book: Creating your CV as a self marketing tool. You can download this book for free right here:
  • 2.The personal profile:
    STEP 1: Your personal details. STEP 2: Insert a picture – not necessary in every country. Name: Address: Telephone Number: Mobile Number: Email address:STEP 3: Your personal profile for example: “A very enthusiastic and motivated HR professional. Has gained a reputation for delivering a quality service through pure drive and determination, which has significantly contributed to a range of and achievements high level strategic initiatives. Displays exceptional customer focus, thinking and leadership skills and possesses strength in the building and maintaining of both internal and external relationships.” The first step towards selling your skills, abilities.
  • 3. Resume sample: Work experience
    STEP 4: Positions held, for example:Operations Team Manager 2010 – present. “Reporting directly to the Service Centre Manager,plans organises and maintains the diaries of a team of Field Engineers across the area of Westand South Yorkshire and also provides full coverand support for colleagues at the same level during periods of holidays and absences.”
    Main achievements: “Played an extremely active part in the initial trials of the project entitled “Deliberate Customer Journey” which had the key objective of improving the overall customer service experience and personally took the full opportunity.”
    Positions held = Showing years only, max 10/15 years – from present working backwards and giving a brief overview of the role and main achievements
  • 4. Educational Background
    STEP 5: EducationExample: Master of Science in Psychology, University ofLondon, United Kingdom – 2012 Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History – University of Copenhagen – 2010
    STEP 6: Example: =Photography, Psychology, The outdoors – travel, camping and walking.  are personal to you.
    Hobbies and interests: This is a great opportunity to put together those hobbies and interests which are personal to you. This displays that you also have a life outside of the work environment.
  • 5. Do you need more help?  We hope this presentation was helpful! If you need more help to write your CV, go to and download more than 1500 free eBooks!